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Sterile Matrix AI

Sterile Matrix AI is a lean intelligent surgical instrument management, equipment management, and technician management system, which performs the following functions to prevent error, reduce cost and ensure best surgical outcomes in operating rooms:

  • Sterile┬áProcessing Technician Education.
  • Workload assessment and technician scheduling.
  • Technician and department performance monitoring and error prevention.
  • Real-time productivity, quality, efficiency, budget assessment and reporting.
  • Enhanced Case Cart Picking Solution, error prevention, and auditing capabilities.
  • Enhanced Crash Cart Picking Solution, expired item monitoring and service request.
  • Lost instrument notification, tracking, and quick retrieval to ensure consistent service.
  • Surgery schedule monitoring and assurance of instrument, equipment and supply availability.
  • Automatic add-on┬ánotification.
  • Automatic time-out notification to prevent wrong patient, wrong site, and wrong surgical procedure.
  • Single instrument management system.
  • A dynamic sterile storage system, which displays needed but not sterile instruments for scheduled surgery.
  • A dynamic supply storage systems, which displays needed but not available supplies for each scheduled surgery.
  • Automatic preventative maintenance scheduling, notification, and┬ácalls for broken instruments and equipment repair.
Lean Surgical Instrument Management System