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Sterile Matrix {AI}

Sterile Matrix (AI) is a sterile processing management system that ensures the consistent delivery of clean, sterile, functional and relevant surgical instruments, equipment and surgical supplies on time and budget. First, of its kind, this system automatically monitors, guides and manages each task performed by sterile processing technicians to prevent error, prevent operating room delay, reduce workload, save time, cut cost and elevate the performance of each technician and sterile processing department.

Sterile Matrix AI

Case Cart Matrix

The case cart matrix is a surgical case cart processing software, which efficiently applies lean methodology to pull many surgical case carts fast and accurately.It provides a platform to schedule surgeries or interface with your existing surgery scheduling system to promptly put all concerned team members on the same page.

It promptly notifies concerned team members when cases are scheduled and when case carts are pulled. It also directly notifies team members of missing items or surgical instruments for scheduled surgical procedures and add-ons.