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Sterile Matrix AI

Sterile Matrix AI is a lean intelligent surgical instrument management, equipment management, and technician management system, which performs the following functions to prevent error, reduce cost and ensure best surgical outcomes in operating rooms:

  • Sterile┬áProcessing Technician Education.
  • Workload assessment and technician scheduling.
  • Technician and department performance monitoring and error prevention.
  • Real-time productivity, quality, efficiency, budget assessment and reporting.
  • Enhanced Case Cart Picking Solution, error prevention, and auditing capabilities.
  • Enhanced Crash Cart Picking Solution, expired item monitoring and service request.
  • Lost instrument notification, tracking, and quick retrieval to ensure consistent service.
  • Surgery schedule monitoring and assurance of instrument, equipment and supply availability.
  • Automatic time-out notification to prevent wrong patient, wrong site, and wrong surgical procedure.
  • A dynamic supply and sterile storage, which displays needed instruments and supplies for scheduled surgeries.
  • Automatic preventative maintenance scheduling, notification, and┬ácalls for broken instruments and equipment repair.

Sterile Matrix AI

Lean Surgical Instrument Management System

Case Cart Matrix

The case cart matrix is a surgical case cart processing software, which efficiently applies lean methodology to pull many surgical case carts fast and accurately.It provides a platform to schedule surgeries or interface with your existing surgery scheduling system to promptly put all concerned team members on the same page.

It promptly notifies concerned team members when cases are scheduled and when case carts are pulled. It also directly notifies team members of missing items or surgical instruments for scheduled surgical procedures and add-ons.